Cutting-Edge Technology: 24/7 Command Center and Web-based Management Platform


Our agile business model, supported by an extensive database of certified security forces and the proprietary technology to deploy and manage them, enables us to deliver strategic operations in North America within hours.

Using the latest technology is key to providing top quality services, and P2P is equipped with the technology to provide monitoring capabilities needed for our security solutions and clients.

 24/7 Command Center



Point 2 Point Global Security, Inc. has offered our customers a universal security solution providing highly trained security professionals for emergency services since inception. Our portfolio of services includes, but is not limited to, physical security, asset protection, executive protection, workplace violence, natural disaster, civil unrest and critical infrastructure utilizing uniformed armed and unarmed officers, uniformed and plain clothes active duty and retired law enforcement officers.

Acting as a centralized communications hub, our Command Center is staffed by highly trained operators, with access to over 9,000 resources nationwide, prepared to dispatch security services to our customers 24/7. We offer our clients the ability to speak to a live team member at any time with a commitment to secure emergency coverage within 45 minutes upon receipt of request. Our Command Center responds to over 600 emergency incidents per month ranging from fire watch to robberies and natural disasters.

Point 2 Point is dedicated to providing our customers with superior customer service. We are fully prepared to anticipate and meet all of your security needs.

Web-based Management Platform


OnPoint is a web-based management platform designed by Point 2 Point. It allows our team to capture and report critical information from any client site. Through a mobile device, our supervisors and managers are able to receive real-time information electronically for events and incidents throughout a client’s footprint. This same information will be available to you via a web-based dashboard and can be customized, per your escalation requirements, to include text and email messaging capabilities.

OnPoint Provides:


Time Management for Security Officers

Allows security officers to clock in from the field with a mobile device eliminating the need for a time clock or hand written time sheets. Clock-in/out will only be accepted from this site phone.

Blackberry and Android Apps for Security Officers

Allows security officers to perform functions in the field from a Blackberry or Android device. System allows for pictures and/or audio recordings to be attached to any event or incident reported.

Incidents and Daily Logs

The OnPoint application allows security officers to fill out daily activity logs and detailed incident reports onsite. All reports can be accessed via the web in real-time and all historical data can be saved for retrieval at a later date.

Alerts and Reminders

Alerts and messages may be sent to officers in the field to remind them of a task to be performed or notify them of a change in duties. Alerts may also be sent back to a monitoring center or supervisors if the officer has been inactive for a specified period of time, or would need back up or attention from the management team.

Tours and Check Points

Using the OnPoint application, security officers can perform detailed tour check lists and confirm that they have hit required check-points.

Tracking and Geofencing

Allows officers, vehicles and assets to be tracked in real time against a map or building floor plans. Always know exactly where your people are and play back historical movements as needed. Inbound and/or outbound Geofencing may also be assigned to locations and people.